ParMasters Golf Training Center Franchise
Start-up Budget for a Golf Training Center





Minimum est.

Maximum est.

Leaseholds (click here for more info)


Interior fit and finish




Swing System Tee & Turf




Locker Room Area




Short Game Area





Opportunity Room




Training Room




Swing Center




Motivation Room Equipment




Virtual Reality Golf (3 sets)




Office Equipment




Food Area Equipment




Pro Shop



Initial Inventory


Golf Balls




Custom Golf Clubs




Mental Training Tools











Initial Promotional Materials


Rack Cards







Opening Marketing Investment


Launch marketing



Training Costs (@ Team HQ)


10 days @ HQ, inc. travel,




accommodation & food





Building and Liability



Professional Services









Security Deposits


Building and Utilities



Franchise Fee


Individual Territory Franchise



Working Capital










Leasehold Improvements:

The Golf Training Center land and building will ordinarily be leased rather than owned, although you are permitted to buy them if you so desire.  Some or all of the building leasehold improvements may also be leased from a landlord if a suitable landlord and site is found. 

Parmasters estimates that the average Golf Training Center will have approximately 2,000 to 35,000 square feet.  Your initial investment for leasehold improvements,  will vary depending upon local labor and materials costs.  These variables affect how different obligations will be distributed between landlords and tenants under different lease agreements and the costs of acquisition and construction.  Although the cost of leasehold improvements will vary depending upon the above-described factors, we estimate that the average cost of leasehold improvements will range between $20 and $60 per square foot. Note, you may want to pay for some or all of these leasehold improvements in order to lower your monthly lease costs. 

Landlords may pay a tenant finish-out allowance as a cash incentive to do business with them. This payment will reduce or eliminate your leasehold improvements, and varies greatly on market conditions, but will range from $5 to $20 per square foot. This would result in a net investment (after finish-out allowance) for you of between $20 and $35 per square foot.

Note, at further Stages in our Franchise Awarding Process we have will share much more detailed financial budgets, by investment model. This is intended merely to give you a feel for the range and scope of investment options.


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