ParMasters Golf Training Center Franchise
How Did This Concept Begin?

How Did This Concept Begin?

Imagine you are a pro golfer, qualified to play the US Open. Life is Grand. Nothing but golf everyday. Then, suddenly, an automobile accident seems to end your career. Your hand and back are injured to the point where the doctors say you’ll never even be able to play again, let alone be competitive.

And so you begin a journey to find a way to play without pain – to swing without massive twisting of your back. You learn about Moe Norman, one of the most accurate golfers of all time. You meet other leaders developing similar approaches, and piece by piece you develop a better way. A simpler way. A pain free way. And your shot is straighter, and longer, than ever.

You are so amazed at your results that you begin teaching others. In fact, you guarantee a 40% reduction in handicap to those that take your program. You also continue to play and you now hold twelve course records!! You are Scott Hazledine, and you are totally excited about golf… again.

Meanwhile other people begin working on their dream of creating the ultimate year-round golf training center franchise. This includes Tom Matzen, a CEO and entrepreneur coach for a franchise development company specializing in sustainable quantum growth.

In their pursuit of designing the ultimate golf training system they check out our golf pro’s course and immediately realize what an incredible fit it is with what they want to do.

Four and a half years and more than one million dollars of research and development, and plenty of lessons learned later they launch Parmasters Golf Training Centers. To see how we are unique, click here.

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