ParMasters Golf Training Center Franchise
Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a quick summary of the key questions and answers to aid in exploring a Parmasters Golf Training Center franchise investment for you.

  1. In a sentence, what is your concept?

  2. When did Parmasters start?

  3. How many locations do you have?

  4. What's my total initial investment required?

  5. How much are the on-going system rental fees (or what some companies call royalties)?

  6. Are their group advertising funds, and how much is that investment?

  7. Do you provide financing?

  8. What do the Golf Training Centers look like?

  9. What do past students say about your golf training system and it's results?

  10. What are the typical hours of operation?

  11. What is the size of my exclusive territory if I'm awarded a franchise?

  12. Who is the senior management team?

  13. What causes do you support?

  14. What has the media said about Parmasters?

  15. Tell me about any recent franchises awarded and pending.

  16. Briefly, why should I consider investing with Parmasters, instead of doing this on my own?

  17. What if I just want to invest but not own my own business?


For a map of Territories in North America click here. For Territories around the globe, click here.

Please note, we chose not to develop a site until we had developed our detailed systems of support. Too many start-up franchises rush to establish a site, begin rapidly selling franchises, and then pay a very high price for not having detailed systems in place to support that growth. 

We think this is wrong. 

By taking five and a half years and investing some six million seven hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars in creating and developing systems (including 7500 pages of Operations and Training manuals!), we are confident that our individual franchise owners will have solid tools to support their growth and expansion.

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  • #4 - What's my total initial investment required?

    You have two investment options:

    #1 - For a complete Parmasters Golf Training Center, including the leasehold improvements,  our ten investment options range from $274,430 - $2,517,712. 
    For detailed budget click here.

    #2 - For a Regional Franchise $356,000 - $393,000. For a detailed budget click here.

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  • #5 - How much are the on-going system rental fees (or what some companies call royalties)?

    Eight percent of gross sales.

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  • #6 - Are there group advertising funds, and how much is that investment?

    There are two funds. One for Regional Franchisors and one for Golf Training Centers.

    Each of them have a required investment as follows:

    $3000 per month, $1000 locally invested, $1000 regionally invested, and $1000 in national co-op ad funds.

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  • #7 - Do you provide financing?

    We provide no direct financing, as we are not a bank. 

    However we do provide extensive coaching and our detailed 200 plus page business plan for qualified candidates to assist them in raising funding. For a look at the table of contents from our business plan click on the photo below.

    Click here to see a sample Table of Contents from our Business Plan for a Golf Training Center

    In addition, we have an extensive program for helping you raise financing, both from traditional and non-traditional sources. If you progress to Stage Two, you'll get a chance to listen to a special six hour seminar on How To Finance Virtually Any New Business recorded in San Diego live to a group of entrepreneurs by our President and CEO, Tom Matzen.

    Our philosophy is quite simple. If you find a perfect fit for you and your business goals, you can always raise the money needed. And since our senior management team has helped over 1000 entrepreneurs do just that, we can show you how.

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  • #8 - What do the Golf Training Centers look like?

    We have ten investment options, depending on your budget, goals, and market conditions, starting at 2000 sq ft and up. Click on each image below to get an overall feel.

    For a detailed look inside one of our centers, click here.

    To see a full breakdown of the ten investment model options, click here.

    Watch these two short videos to give you an up close and personal look at our golf training centers:



    Parmasters Memphis, converting existing sites 

    Converting existing light industrial or secondary retail sites,
    with a clubhouse look and feel inside

    Short game layout of a Parmasters Oxford Valley  

    Our short game area layout

    Golf simulator at Parmasters  

    Our state-of-the-art golf simulators

    Layout view of a Parmasters Golf Training Center

    Our floor plan layout for a typical 15,000 sq ft site

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  • #9 - What do past students say about your golf training system and it's results?

    The rave reviews are coming in, Straight-Line Golf™ works, and is a lot of fun!

    Here's what some of the latest students have to say:

    "I just wanted to thank you for all your help resurrecting my golf game with the Straight-Line Golf Method.

    I can't recall if I ever told you where my golf game was at before I discovered straight line golf but three years ago I was pretty close to giving up the game due to problems with my lower back. Over 20 years of playing golf with the conventional multi-axis, body rotational, torque filled golf swing had taken its toll on my lower back and golf game. I once played to about a 10 handicap and would break 80 periodically. In my quest to improve I began to practice more which of course put a constant strain on my back and by the time I was contemplating giving up the game 3 years ago my handicap was nearly 17, I rarely broke 90, and was not having any fun on the golf course. My lower back had gotten so bad that I had to take pain killers before, during and after a round of golf. I quit playing for about 6 months and saw a physical therapist for my back problems...

    I figured there must be a better way and that's when I started reading about your straight line swing methods. I liked what I read and so being the eternal optimist I ordered the tapes and began doing the impact backward exercises along with the golf kata and golf chi...

    This year I'm shooting consistently in the low 80's as well as shooting 1 over for nine holes one evening. The gate and rewind visualization techniques have really helped my scoring. Just the other day I had noticed that I had gotten out of using the gate and really concentrated on the gate on my approach shot into the 18th hole and stuck a wedge to about six feet and birdied the hole. My index is now 12.7 and I just did a quick calculation and my index should be below 11 by the time my handicap is updated. I just got done with a session on the launch monitor and my swing speed is up to 105 mph with a driver. I've got some nice problems now like hitting short irons into par fours and adjusting to the increased iron distances.

    I also just received the "How to hit the Ball Straight" home study course and I really like being able to refer to any aspect of the straight line method for a quick review. What's nice is that I always learn something new when I review a section. Another great thing about the method is that I don't need good weather to practice because I can practice the exercises at home when my schedule permits, I don't have to hit hundreds of golf balls a week, I can maintain my game with the exercises, and the exercises translate to my short game which is also improving.

    This year I hope to get my handicap down into the single digits and thanks for making golf fun again for me.


    Dave Arakaki

    "As a new user of your Home Study Program I'm happy to say I'm thrilled with the results already! Last year I was an 11 handicap, with a back that got worse and worse all year. By the end I was a 16. The pain was so bad that I had surgery at the end of last year, and haven't golfed all winter. This spring, watching your dvd's I was inspired to get back at it, and within five rounds I shot an 81!! My shots are straight, my back pain is massively reduced. Thanks so much, keep up the good work.” - Bob Brown, Florida

    "After completing four lessons and the Straight-Line Golf Clinic I went to a course and improved my regular score (120) by 15 strokes (105). But more importantly, I hit the ball consistently straight. After ten lessons I started to break 100 ... Last week I shot a 93" - Zachary Rubin, July, 2004 For the full letter click here.

    "After the first four hours (of the Straight-Line Golf Clinic), I went from being extremely tense and barely being able to hit a golf ball to being completely relaxed and started hitting it perfectly straight...(now) the Straight-Line Golf Clinic has improved my score by 30 -35 strokes. I used to shoot in the 140's and now I shoot in the 100's, and it's only been 3 months since we took the workshop. We can't wait to see what the future holds." - Bonnie Kahn, July 2004 For the full letter click here.

    "What can I say except .. thank-you ... thank-you ...thank-you!!! I must admit, after trying almost every gizmo, training aid and traditional golf lessons, I initially thought you were just another scheme to get more of my money. I am thrilled to report that you are everything you promised you would be!... Before I started working with you, I was posting scores around 105-110 (and that was using the foot wedge and winter rules). I am thrilled to be posting scores in the low to mid 90s (playing where it lays) and this after only the Straight-Line Golf Clinic and two lessons. I truly believe I will break into the 80's this year and only improve more and more using the system you developed." - Chef Christopher Koch, July, 2004 For the full letter click here.

    The weekend of Fathers’ Day 2005 was my club’s member/guest tournament and my partner and I had garnered a half-point lead over two other teams going into the final two nine-hole matches of best-ball. The two weeks prior to the tournament, while I hadn’t played a lot of golf, I had been diligent in doing the Straight-line Golf™ swing trainer exercises and the Golf Chi. I also read Scott’s book again and watched Parmasters™ How to Hit the Ball Straight Home Study DVD as a refresher.

    The tournament format was such that the minimum points per match were three and the maximum points per match were six. In the morning match, on the easiest nine of the thirty-six holes, I was unable to hit a single fairway and made zero pars and zero point contributions to the team. We ended the match on the losing side of five and a half / three and a half point total; our first loss of the tournament.

    I was devastated that I had left my partner alone and was convinced I had cost us the tournament. During the break between matches, we decided the only chance we had was to “six out” our next opponent (which was now in first place).

    I mentally flushed the morning’s results, regrouped and performed the Straight-Line Golf™ swing trainer exercises and the Golf Chi for about ten minutes alone under a shade tree. On the toughest nine holes, using “through the gate” and “reach for the hole” I proceeded to hit all seven fairways and record six pars-not too bad for a fourteen handicap. After two-putting for par from about sixty feet on the last hole, I secured the sixth and final point of the match.

    We won our flight by a half-point!

    I am convinced that the Golf Chi and swing trainer exercises associated with Straight-Line Golf™ coupled with the focus on “through the gate” and “reach for the hole” turned my game around that day. I told my partner to expect me to have a single-digit handicap, and therefore us being in a tougher flight, when we defend next year.

    - Mike Allen, Memphis, TN
    Parmasters South Central Regional Franchisor


    Our heritage:

    The amazing system of golf coaching has been taught by Parmasters Co-founder and Chief Golf Professional, Scott Hazledine, for ten years.

    His private three day camps have been running for years, offering a guaranteed forty percent reduction in handicap!! Not a single person has asked for their money back. Not once.

    In fact the results to date using Straight Line Golf™ have literally been stunning.

    But don't just take our word for it. The following are some of the dozens of testimonials Scott has received over the years, including several that received amazing results just from his videos!

    Click here to read our Success Stories.

    And here's our guarantee for each Center:

    OUR PROMISE: After learning the Straight-Line Golf™ system, you will believe it is the simplest, most accurate way to hit a golf ball.

    Our aim is to not only help you make more birdies, but also to free you from the burden of inconsistent results that can affect so many golfers. We strive to honor our self-imposed obligation to help you experience a longer, happier, more fulfilled relationship with golf than you have ever experienced before.

    WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: The Straight-Line Golf™ System has delivered a minimum 25% reduction in handicap to thousands of golfers for over ten years. It works. So, if after completing the eight-hour Straight-Line Golf Clinic™ and the twenty-four private session Open Series training program:

    • your handicap is not at least 25% lower (if you have an established handicap);

    • your handicap equivalent is not at least 25% lower (for golfers without an established handicap); or

    • your scores are not at least twenty strokes better than when you began training with us (if you are a new golfer)…

    ... then Parmasters wants to make it right.

    THE BOTTOM LINE: Parmasters will work with you until you see and feel the results of the Straight-Line Golf™ System, or at your option, we will simply give you your money back.

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Each Golf Training Center's exclusive territory is at least 270 golf course holes, or approximately 15 courses in size in North America. International territories are a minimum of 500,000 in population.

Each Regional Franchise is a specific, large territory, approximately one-ninth of North America. For exact details click here. We also have international Regional or Master Franchises available, click here for details.

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Team Headquarters Senior Management

  • President, CEO and Co-Founder, Tom Matzen

  • Chief Golf Professional and Co-Founder, Scott Hazledine

  • Chief Investment Officer and Chief Financial Officer, Michael Levy

  • Chief Operations Officer, John Harrison

  • VP Special Projects, Andrew Winston

  • VP Sales & Marketing, Allen Bonk

  • External Board Member, Chip Beck

          Tom Matzen, President & CEO  Scott Hazledine, Chief Golf Professional  Michael Levy, Chief Operations Officer
       John Harrison, VP Operations  Andrew Winston, VP Franchise Training  Allen Bonk, Director of Business Golf


Franchise Leadership Council


    Parmasters South Central Regional Franchisor, Mike Allen


  • Parmasters South Central Regional Franchisor, Mario Bertagna

  • Parmasters Canada Regional Franchisor, André Ferris

  • Parmasters Mid America Regional Franchisor, Lauren Rosier

  • Parmasters Mid America Regional Franchisor, Yvette Rosier


    Parmasters Mid Atlantic Regional Franchisor, Bud Schroeder


  • Parmasters Rocky Mountain Regional Franchisor, Burt Stoker

  • Parmasters Rocky Mountain Regional Franchisor, Will Conerly

  • Parmasters North East Regional Franchisor, Marc Hobler

          Mike Allen, Parmasters South Central Regional Franchisor  Mario Bertagna, Parmasters South Central Regional Franchisor  Andre Ferris, Parmasters Canada Regional Franchisor
              Bud Schroeder, Parmasters Mid Atlantic Regional Franchisor



Advisors to the Board

  • Advisor to the Board of Directors - Strategic Construction, David Faulkner

  • Advisor to the Board of Directors - Strategic Planning, Rear Admiral (Ret'd) Ken Summers

  • Advisor to the Board of Directors - Golf Research, Jack Kuykendall

David Faulkner, Advisor to the Board - Strategic Construction  Rear Admiral (Ret'd) Ken Summers, Advisor to the Board - Strategic Planning  Jack Kuykendall, Advisor to the Board - Golf Research    

For full background information, click here.

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Announcing our cause, Right to Play!

It's official, we've selected an amazing group called Right to Play as Parmasters cause. Among other things, that means all centers will be donating one dollar from every paid lesson to this organization, and we couldn't be prouder.

Right To Play is an athlete-driven international humanitarian organization that uses sport and play as a tool for development of children and youth in the most disadvantaged areas of the world.

Their home page is , a quick summary of what they do is at

and a stirring new public service announcement can be seen at
(click on the picture, then wait a bit as it loads - it's worth the wait!)

We also look forward to developing our own special fundraising events for them, using our sites, and our shared vision and values.

We're proud to join many other supporters, including athletes from around the globe like Lance Armstrong, Steve Young, Wayne Gretzky, Ian Thorpe, Martina Hingis and many more.

See this page for a list:

And, if you want to donate directly to this great group, visit

Click here to visit Right to Play and their website


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    • #14 - What has the media said about Parmasters?

      Print articles on Parmasters have said:

      “For those who dream of getting into the golf business, this is the perfect opportunity.
       – Forbes Magazine

      “The clubby, yet affordable feel of the Parmasters Centers will attract crowds year-round.
       – INC Magazine

       “For this rapidly growing emerging franchise, in a very hot industry, the sky is the limit!
       – Canadian Franchise & Dealership Guide

      “All in all Parmasters looks like it is in the process of revolutionizing
      not only franchising, but the way people play golf.

       – Canadian Business Franchise Magazine

      “The next big thing… one of the 66 hottest new franchises!
       – Entrepreneur Magazine

      Recent radio interviews with our President and CEO, Tom Matzen include:

      • The Golf Guys Radio Show, on 800 radio stations around the world, thanks to Lee and Greg;

      • KFUO 850AM, in St. Louis, Missouri, thanks to Paul and Dianne;

      • KFAB 1110AM, the top talk radio in Omaha, Nebraska, thanks to Gary, Jim and Roger;

      • AM 1340, ESPN in Augusta, Georgia, thanks to Charles McNeil; 

      • AM 590 WZKO of Kalamazoo, Michigan, thanks to Bill Anthony;

      • KCNN of Grand Forks, North Dakota, thanks to Mike McNamara;

      • WICC 600 of Bridgeport, Connecticut, thanks to Chris Conley.

      Attached are copies of articles on Parmasters for you to review.

      Very exciting news, we've earned our fourth consecutive ranking in the Top 50 Franchises in North America from Franchise Business Review, and their extensive interview with some 65,000 franchisees!! Here's a quick look at the results, for more click here.

      Here's some recent articles:

      Here's an article on our new site in Memphis, from the Memphis Business Journal. Thanks guys!!

      Click on this logo to read this article!

      Canadian Business Franchise Magazine wrote this cover story on Parmasters. Click on the picture for details. Thanks guys!

      Our first cover story, from Canadian Business Franchise Magazine

      Mid South Golfer Magazine wrote this article, click on the picture for details. Thanks guys!

      Mid South Golfer loves Parmasters!

      Capital Magazine wrote this great article in Turkey, alas it's in Turkish, so most of you won't be able to read it. Emre looks hot, and we're told it's a great article.  Click on the picture for details. Thanks guys!

      Turkey loves Parmasters!, Capital Magazine in particular.

      Forbes Magazine wrote this nice, short article on Parmasters. Click on the picture for details. Thanks guys!

      Forbes Magazine loves Parmasters!

      Here's an article from the largest golfing magazine in Turkey, in Turkish and English, describing the Parmasters opportunity in Turkey and the Middle East with Emre Bahtoglu, Parmasters Mecaa Regional Franchisor. To read the article click on the cover picture below.

      Parmasters expands to Turkey, a great article from Golf Turkey Magazine

      Next is an article from  INC Magazine, titled "Bye-Bye, Bogey". To read it, click on the cover picture below.

      "Bye-Bye, Bogey" INC Magazine, April 2002

      Next is a full page article titled "The McDonald's of Golf?" from the Canadian Franchise and Dealership Guide. To read it click on the cover picture below.

      Canadian Franchise and Dealership Guide, fall 2001

      Next is a "What's New" article in Entrepreneur Magazine. To read it, click on the cover picture below.

      Entrepreneur Magazine, May 2001

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    • #15 - Tell me about any recent franchises awarded and pending.

Charlie & David from Orlando, Florida
at their Discovery Days in Vancouver
now awarded four unit Area Development Agreement



Gordon from Northern New Jersey
(now awarded for a ten unit Area Development Agreement) at his Discovery Day in Memphis.



Marcellus and Jennifer, awarded for a four unit Area Development Agreement for Oklahoma City, at their Discovery Day in Memphis.

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  • #16 - Briefly, why should I consider investing with Parmasters, instead of doing this on my own?

    There three reasons why investing in any franchise may be the right option for you. They are: 

    #1 - Buying power - an ethical franchise system offers significant buying power advantages if it is set up that way (Parmasters does);

    #2 - A system to make it easier - a worthwhile franchise has documented systems that offer the potential for consistent, predictable results, and a system to improve the systems (Parmasters does); and

    #3 - An ability to increase the odds of you making money - no franchise can guarantee that you will make money, but a great franchise has extensive systems to get new clients, and extensive systems to keep them coming back (Parmasters does).

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  • #17 - What if I just want to invest but not own my own business?

    If you would like to be informed of investing options with Parmasters THQ, Aeigs Investment Management, Inc, symbol AIM.V on the TSX-Venture Exchange, click here.

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