ParMasters Golf Training Center Franchise
Exactly what is a Parmasters Golf Training Center?

So, just what is a Parmasters Golf Training Center, anyway?

Parmasters Golf Training Centers is the world’s first year-round indoor golf training center franchise. Each 2,000 - 35,000 square foot facility features all the tradition and appeal of a high-end clubhouse while offering the ultimate training and practice center for golfers of all levels including all or many of the following:

  • A short game area in a beautiful, naturally lit rotunda with 20 foot ceilings, an undulating putting green, sand trap and chipping area;
  • Golf Simulators featuring world famous courses;
  • Driving net areas with state-of-the-art training equipment;
  • our Kaizen Korner, featuring golf training aids and tools, logo'd apparel, and custom-fit, custom-designed Mizuno Golf Clubs;
  • Golf fitness area for pre-season, peak-season and off-season conditioning;
  • Dressing rooms and a lounge area for members to unwind; and
  • A gourmet coffee bar with light snacks.

The main focus is one-on-one year-round golf lessons with a private coach via the Straight-Line Golf™ sports technology. The lessons consist of 24 sessions focused on short and long game skills.

Watch these two short videos to give you an up close and personal look at our golf training centers:



The concept started in 1998 when the partners in Puckmasters, a year-round hockey training franchise, noticed that many of existing Club Members were into both hockey and golf. This led them to explore the incredible opportunity of taking the hockey training systems and adapting them to indoor golf training. In researching and developing the prototype, they discovered Scott Hazledine, a Class A PGA pro.

Scott Hazledine is a Master Teacher, a Master Player, and applies scientific principles and disciplines to golf. He specializes in Performance Observation – the act of recognizing facts and occurrences in the model golf swing – and was instrumental in helping Jack Kuykendall with the start-up of Natural Golf.

Scott left Natural Golf in 1995 to form his own company, IMA Systems. The basis of the IMA system is Jack Kuykendall's discovery of “straight-line motion” utilizing a single-axis right arm primary power source as validated by golf legend, Moe Norman.

Physics states that there is an Ideal Mechanical Advantage for every biomechanical action -- the golf swing is no exception. It is significant that Scott teaches the technical advantage proven by the straight-line motion that Moe Norman used in his heyday -- when he built his worldwide reputation as one of the most accurate golfers ever.

The Parmasters indoor golf training system, which is a sports technology based on Scott’s techniques, demonstrates a sound, individualized, results-oriented technique that, even before fully mastered, will produce great golf. Women students are especially quick to learn the Straight-Line Golf™ swing. His students improve their handicaps an average of 40 percent! One 70-year-old student with an 18 handicap in 6 weeks shot a score of 72 during "men’s’ day", and then shot his age two weeks later. Scott sums it up with one simple statement: "Anybody can do this swing!"

This led the partners to create the first indoor golf franchise system that guarantees lower scores every single time, and in every single facility. In fact, anyone taking our Core Training Program is guaranteed to reduce their handicap by 25 percent within six months. (Note: We could extend Scott’s guarantee of a 40 percent reduction but we prefer to “under promise – over deliver”.) To see how this concept began, click here.

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