ParMasters Golf Training Center Franchise
Individual Golf Training Center

Option #3 - Individual Golf Training Center

A candidate is awarded a single territory and the right to open one Golf Training Center in that territory. Each exclusive territory will include an area that has 270 holes of golf, or approximately fifteen regulation courses.

The total investment for the Golf Training Center individual franchise is $274,430 - $2,517,712 (including our $45,000 franchise fee) depending on regional factors such as labor and materials costs, and depending on which of the ten investment options are selected.

Currently we have a total of one hundred and four franchises awarded.

This includes nine Regional Franchises awarded (Mid America, Middle East/Africa, South Central, Canada, Mid Atlantic, ChinaMountain, South Atlantic, and North East)

We also have ninety-five Golf Training Centers, Links Golf Cafes and Quantum Business Golf franchises awarded. This includes:

Our first site opened June 17th, 2006 in Memphis, Tennessee.


Over the course of the last four years of research and development, we wanted to explore as many ways to reach golfers and help improve their game both in North America, and overseas.

In order to set parameters for this we decided on four fundamental premises:

  • Parmasters is about delivering guaranteed results in your golf game;

  • Straight-Line Golf is the most unique part of Parmasters, and therefore our biggest competitive advantage;

  • To carry the name “PARMASTERS” it must focus on golf training; and

  • Therefore, if it wasn’t about golf training, we would use our other brand, “LINKS GOLF CAFÉ” for that use.

We realized at this point we were really talking about four areas of focus:

  • Learning Golf (where the clients are not year-round, like resorts);

  • Golf Training;

  • Entertainment; and

  • Golf Fitness

From there, we realized that we're offering two distinct concepts:

  • our golf training centers, called Parmasters Golf Training Centers; and

  • our golf entertainment cafés called Links Golf Café




Each Parmasters Golf Training Center will be a minimum of 2000 sq ft and up, based upon:

  • Budget;

  • Market size; and

  • Franchise Candidate goals.


The core elements in each location will be:

  • Straight-Line Golf™ Clinics

  • Business Golf Seminars

  • Fluency Bays for Training

Highly desired options, ones that we will encourage, based on the factors of budget, market size and candidate goals will be:

  • Straight-Line Golf Lessons (to be a core component in all but Resort locations)

  • Golf simulators in driving range mode (making them Long Game Hitting Bays with a fluency component)

  • Short Game Area (small, medium, and large, with sand and rough as size permits)

  • Golf fitness areas (basic and full) focusing on balance, strength, flexibility, endurance and injury prevention

  • Food and Beverage (three tiers, credit card operated vending machines, basic Links Golf Café, and full Links Golf Café)

Options, again based on the above factors:

  • Conference room

  • Club repair

  • Therapy rooms

  • Bag storage

  • Locker rooms (code dependent, may be compulsory)

  • Golf Simulators in full version

  • Multiples of fluency bays, Long Game Hitting Bays, Golf Simulators

  • New ideas and revenue streams to be tested along the way


Locations starting as small as 2000 sq ft, and as low total initial investment as $300,000. Initial estimates as follows:


Parmasters Models



$ Range

Size Range


Level One

Learning or Fitness or Training



This Level consists of one of four investment options,
  1. Training (fluency, small short game and membership)
  2. Learning (a resort model with basic golf simulator, fluency, and no memberships)
  3. Golf Fitness (membership)
  4. Entertainment – (to be called a Links Golf Café - Simulator only, no learning, no golf fitness, no training, see more details on this new brand below)


Level Two

Any two


350,000 - 610,000


  1. Golf Fitness and Training (membership)
  2. Training and Entertainment (fluency & full golf simulators and memberships)
  3. Entertainment and Learning (expanded Resort Model – with full golf simulators, fluency, small short game)


Level Three

All three


740,000 - 815,000


  1. All revenue streams,
     in a small size
Level Four

All three
Full version

930,000 - 1,030,000


  1. All revenue streams,
    in a regular size
Level Five

All three

Mega version

2,270,000 - 2,520,000

35,000 and up

  1. All revenue streams,
    in a super size


Links Golf Café


The Links Golf Café will be 1800 to 3000 sq ft, and will cost from $500,000 to $900,000 to build. See Option #4 above on the chart.

Revenue Streams

The revenue streams will be:

  • Golf simulator play

  • Related league play

  • Drop-in practice

  • Retail focusing on training tapes, books, dvd’s, training tools like “the trainer” swing club, logo’d apparel, and golf impulse items

  • Golf magazines to sell (and read)

  • Café menu focusing on gourmet organic coffees and specialty beverages, Golfer’s Zen herbal lattés, related baked goods and snacks, like gourmet pretzels, optional liquor, where appropriate, optional gourmet hot dogs where appropriate, smoothies, and private label water

Facilities to include multiple screens with the Golf Channel and our Straight-Line Golf videos showing all day long, plus free access to dozens of golf magazines.


  • Major Regional Shopping Centers

  • Airports

  • Premium Factory Outlets

  • Disney-style entertainment places

  • High volume office towers


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