ParMasters Golf Training Center Franchise
iQuest Peformance Systems
Our latest revenue stream. Imagine getting teams from up to 64 different sports to come in and train with you on a weekly basis.

Athletic Performance Training (APT) 60 to 90 minute AP sessions reinforce proper movement patterns, while athletes of all ages and abilities drive further into core strength, endurance, speed, agility, balance, power and flexibility.

Led by attentive trainers, athletes move quickly and purposefully through up to six iQuest training zones, while also listening to music and watching inspirational videos.

World class AP sessions typically cost less than $10, and are available for sixty-four sports.

Strength, Power & Performance (SP2) SP2 is appropriate for the highly motivated and experienced athlete. This program is highly goal driven, incorporates a complete nutritional component with each session and generally results in a dramatic change in body composition. SP2 programs are available for both In-Season and Off-Season training. SP2 sessions typically cost $14 a training hour.

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