ParMasters Golf Training Center Franchise
Lead Generation

Lead Generation Marketing Strategy for Golf Training Centers

We are very proud of our Lead Generation Marketing Strategies, and look forward to discussing the details with you.

Lead Generation Process


Our primary focus is to get our target audiences into the facility to experience the facilities. We have several strategies to accomplish that.

Overview of Thirty Five Lead Generation Marketing Strategies

Charter Membership Marketing  
  For 90 days before each Center opens
Objective is to drive traffic to Charter Member Preview Meetings
  When   Strategy  
  90 days before   Center Website Pages  
      Postcard Drops  
      Media Relations  
      Coupon Decks  
      Golf Trade Shows  
  When   Strategy  
  60 days before   Shopping Center Kiosk  
      JV Letters to Golf Club Members  
      Fitness Centers JV  
      Networking Clubs   
      How To Hit The Ball Straight wkshp  
      Strategic Partners  
      Viral Marketing Friends & Family  
      Dream 100 Program  
  Ramp-up Marketing  
  For 90 days after each Center opens 
Objective is to drive memberships via 30 day trials 
  When   Strategy  
  open until 90 days Media Relations  
  after each center opens    Grand Opening Events - 3 of them  
      Member Events  
      Postcard drops  
      Fitness Centers JV  
      Strategic Partners  
      JV Letters to Golf Club Members  
      Strategic Philanthropy  
      School field trips  
      Seniors Days   
      Referral Program  
      Business Golf Preview Meetings  
      How To Hit The Ball Straight wkshp  
      Radio Launch Event  
      Billboards, next exit  
      Direct Response Ads  
      Coupon decks  
      Direct Sales Companies  
      Networking Club Business Mixers  

"Cause" Fundraisers


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