ParMasters Golf Training Center Franchise
Links Golf Cafe

#7 Links Golf Café

Parmasters Team Headquarters is excited to announce the world's first Links Golf Café will be built inside each Parmasters Golf Training Center.

Links Golf Cafe featuring custom-roasted organic coffees

What's a Links Golf Café? Great question. Here's how we define it on our coffee cups:

  1. A gathering place for coffee lovers, golf enthusiasts, friends, and co-workers. i.e. Meet you at Links Golf Café

  2. To savor, indulge in, appreciate fully, and spoil your senses. i.e. Savor the taste and aroma of the custom roasted organic coffee at Links Golf Café

Links Golf Café will features custom-roasted organic coffees, light breakfast fare, cold beverages, gourmet hot dogs and grilled pannini sandwiches, and tasty snacks.

We will also feature a great selection of golf magazines to read, wireless Internet access to surf (and get a bit of work done in between golf practice!), and a nice place to take a break.

Here's a look at our custom coffee cups coming next year:

Our 16oz coffee cups!

Our 20oz coffee cups!

For more details see our website,

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