ParMasters Golf Training Center Franchise
Mission Statement & Strategic Objective

#1 Our Mission Statement

To establish Aegis Investment Management (Aegis) as the ultimate golf investment business in the world while maintaining our uncompromising Core Values and Guiding Principles as we grow.

#2 Our Strategic Objective

By the end of 2012, Aegis plans to be a global organization with its primary focus awarding the ultimate golf franchises to the best franchise owners, then inspiring and motivating them to have more profits and more life.

Aegis will accomplish this with four divisions. These are the Franchise Division, the Real Estate Division, the Internet Marketing Division, and the Financing Division.

Each of these Divisions are planned to operate as separate profit centers, and each is planned to play a significant role in the success of the other Divisions, as well as Aegis as a whole. It is planned that the Franchise Division will provide high margin revenue growth, the Internet Marketing Division high sales volume, the Real Estate Division significant Balance Sheet asset growth, and together with the Finance Division provide for accelerated system rental fees and center openings.

Aegis plans to lead in the push for a return to ethical business standards of franchising, and will involve stakeholders to inspire other business leaders to follow suit.

As EBITDA grows, we intend to issue dividends to all shareholders allowing them to share in the growth of the company without the need to sell. In addition, we plan to offer both employee stock purchase programs, option programs, and a program to issue all employees of the franchises stock in our company to encourage a team approach to growing the business.

Ultimately, we plan to earn the right to qualify for NASDAQ Big Board listing, and will seek to be leader in that marketplace.

And while building this global enterprise, we intend to create Triple Win relationships at each step of the journey. We win, our clients win, and society wins. 









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