ParMasters Golf Training Center Franchise
On-Going Marketing


  Eighteen on-going marketing strategies after the first ninety days  
  Objective is to drive traffic to each revenue stream   
  Getting New Clients  
      Golf Tournaments  
      Coupon Decks  
      plus all other on-going from above  
  Keeping Our Clients  
      Create a “Wow!” Experience  
      Make the Customer Feel Important  
      Telephone Etiquette  
      Social Responsibility = Profit  
  Getting Our Clients To Spend More  
      Sell Through Suggestion  
      Sell Through Information  
      Sample, Sample, Sample  
      Create a “What’s New Section”  
  Getting Our Clients To Come Back More Often  
      Client Appreciation Nights  
      Run In-Store Contests  
      Show Them We Care Calls  
      Use ‘Bottom of the Receipt’ Specials  
      Use Preferred Client Cards – coffee  
      Outbound Email Marketing campaigns  

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