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Regional Subfranchise Option

Option #1 - Regional Franchise Opportunities

Regional Franchises (also known as ‘Master Franchises’) are where a candidate is awarded the right to sell (or what we call 'award') multiple unit Area Development Agreements and Individual Golf Training Center Franchise Agreements throughout a large Region.

In return, they receive fifty percent of the Franchise Fees and Area Development Agreement Fees awarded in their Region, and fifty percent of all ongoing System Rental Fees (or royalties) in their Region.

Essentially Regional Franchisors are our partners in a large geographic area. They provide the local support, ensuring a higher level of customer service than we could achieve without this model. And in return they receive half of all the revenues generated in the Region. Each Regional Franchisor is also part of our Franchise Leadership Council, or FLC. The FLC meets twice a month and coordinates strategic growth, planning, new product approvals, and much more.

Information about our Regional Franchise opportunities is as follows:

Currently we have a total of nine Regional Franchises awarded. This includes Mid America, Middle East/Africa, South Central, Canada, Mid Atlantic, ChinaMountain, South Atlantic, and North East.

The franchise investment is a $1,000,000 USD fee and $61,000 - $98,000 in expenses for a total investment of $1,061,000 to $1,098,000.

The following map and table show the North American Regional Franchises and their Regions, plus the states and provinces included. Click here to see these Regions.

There are fourteen Regional or Master Franchises beyond North America. Currently we have two International Regional Franchises awarded.

One for the Middle East, Africa, Turkey and the CIS countries of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kirgizistan and Tadjikistan. Click here for details.

And one for China, click here for details.

For a full list of the International Regions available, click here.

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Our Franchise Leadership Council at Strategic Planning Meetings January, 2010

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