ParMasters Golf Training Center Franchise
Southern Ontario

Greetings from Parmasters Southern Ontario!

This page will give you information on golf courses, golf practice and training centers, driving ranges, alternative golf facilities, and golf retailers in Southern Ontario, from London and Windsor, including Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, London, Windsor, Chatham-Kent and Brantford.

My name is Stephen Southern, and I'm excited to be the Area Developer for the Southern Ontario Region. Stay tuned for details!

Here's a picture from our Discovery Day in Vancouver, I'm the second on the left.

Meanwhile, here's some information on me:

I'm a committed father, an accomplished entrepreneur, business leader and coach, and a sports and golf enthusiast. When the Parmasters opportunity presented itself, I quickly realized that it was a perfect fit.

With an undergraduate degree in information technology, I began my career as a systems development consultant to Fortune 1000 firms while working for global software provider, Software AG.

From there I progressed through a series of roles across many departments in various companies, continually adding to my experience and knowledge base. I had great success within the finance department of leading Canadian insurer, the Economical Insurance Group, leading an effort to instill streamlined systems and processes, increasing efficiency and performance.

I honed my marketing and promotion skills within Manulife Financial, as well as SlipStream Data Inc. Finally, I cultivated my sales skills while achieving the top results within the sales team at Maplesoft, covering a territory spanning approximately half of the United States, and exceeding annual quota by a significant margin.

I currently advise several start-up companies in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. I also serve as a director of Spectradigital Corporation, a young Guelph-based biotechnology company.

Always ready to lend a hand, I currently volunteer with the Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation, the Business & Education Partnership of Waterloo Region, and my local church, as well as assisting with minor sports coaching duties.

My broad business knowledge, my strong customer service orientation, leadership and team building skills, as well as my commitment to sales and marketing fundamentals, will all serve me well as Southern Ontario Area Developer for Parmasters Golf Training Centers.

You can learn even more about our plans for Parmasters Southern Ontario through my blog at:

I update the blog several times each week.

Meanwhile, hit ‘em straight but not too often.

Stephen Southern,
Parmasters Southern Ontario

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  2. Golf practice and training centers;
  3. Driving ranges;
  4. Alternative golf facilities
  5. Golf retailers;
  6. Our featured local golf course; and
  7. The latest news from the National Golf Foundation.
  1. Golf courses

    Community Golf Course Website Phone Number
    Amherstburg Pointe West 519-736-8601
    Arkona Arkona Fairways   519-828-3211
    Arva Llyndinshire 519-659-5087
    Baden Foxwood 519-634-8895
    Bayfield Bluewater   519-482-7197
    Bell River Rochester Place 519-728-2361
    Belmont Belmont   519-644-1370
    Blenheim Blenheim 519-676-8772
    Blenheim Deer Run 519-676-1566
    Brantford Arrowdale Public 519-752-7081
    Brantford Brantford 519-752-3731
    Brantford Northridge 519-753-6112
    Breslau Merry Hill 519-648-2804
    Brights Grove Brights Grove   519-869-4301
    Bright's Grove Crabbies   519-369-4301
    Bright's Grove The Huron Oaks 519-869-4231
    Burford Burford GL 519-449-5172
    Cambridge Apollo Valley 519-622-3010
    Cambridge Beaverdale   519-658-9764
    Cambridge Brookfield CC 519-658-4351
    Cambridge Cambridge   519-621-5491
    Cambridge Galt 519-621-7020
    Cambridge Grand Valley 519-623-8811
    Cambridge Saginaw 519-620-0322
    Cambridge Savannah GL 519-622-0309
    Camlachie Sawmill Creek   519-899-4653
    Chatham Chatham 519-354-3231
    Chatham Country View   519-354-9500
    Chatham Indian Creek   519-354-7666
    Chatham Maple City CC 519-354-8172
    Copetown Beverly 905-628-2285
    Delaware Twin Streams 519-652-5211
    Delawre Oaks   519-652-1760
    Delhi Delhi   519-582-1621
    Dorchester Dorchester   519-268-8199
    Dorchester Pine Knot 519-268-3352
    Dorchester Putnam Valley   519-269-3720
    Elmira Elmira 519-669-1651
    Embro Stonehaven   519-475-4321
    Essex Sutton Creek   519-726-6179
    Essex Willow Creek   519-727-6877
    Exeter Exeter 519-235-4384
    Exeter Ironwood 519-235-1521
    Fenwick Sawmill 905-562-4041
    Forest Indian Hills 519-786-5505
    Fort Erie Fort Erie 905-991-8883
    Goderich Goderich Sunset 519-524-8047
    Goderich Maitland CC   519-524-9641
    Grand Bend Oakwood Resort 519-238-2324
    Harrow Oxley Beach 519-738-2672
    Ingersoll Doons of Cedar Creek   519-421-0542
    Innerkip Innerkip Highlands 519-469-3924
    Jarvis Sandusk 519-587-5886
    Kimberley Talisman 519-599-2520
    Kingsville Kingsville 519-733-6585
    Kitchener Deer Ridge   519-650-4653
    Kitchener Doon Valley   519-741-2939
    Kitchener Glen Ridge 519-570-3500
    Kitchener Rockway   519-741-2949
    Kitchener Westmount 519-742-2323
    Komoka Fire Rock 866-241-4440
    Komoka Oxbow Glen 519-471-2048
    Lambton Shores Our Ponderosa   519-786-4653
    Lasalle Essex 519-734-1251
    Lasalle Hambelton 519-966-4330
    Leamington Erie Shores 519-326-4231
    Listowel Listowel 519-291-2500
    London Cedarbrook Gardens   519-457-6777
    London East Park 519-451-2950
    London Echo Valley 519-472-2760
    London Fanshawe 519-455-2775
    London Forest City   519-451-0994
    London Greenhills 800-273-5113
    London Hickory Ridge   519-652-0407
    London Highland 519-681-8223
    London London Hunt 519-471-6430
    London Maple Ridge 519-268-7704
    London North London   N/A 
    London River Bend 519-657-7075
    London River Road 519-661-4450
    London Sunningdale 519-660-8063
    London Thames Valley 519-661-4441
    London West Haven   519-641-2519
    London Westminster Trails 519-668-6121
    London Willow Park   519-268-2161
    Maidstone Royal Estate   519-737-6397
    McGregor Wildwood 519-726-6176
    Melbourne Gentleman Creek 519-289-2011
    Mitchell Mitchell 519-348-8991
    Morretown St. Clair Parkway 519-867-2160
    Mount Elgin Mount Elgin   519-485-4535
    Niagra Falls Eagle Valley 905-374-2110
    Niagra on the Lake Heritage Woods   905-685-9204
    Norwich Norwich 519-468-6529
    Oil Springs Black Creek   519-834-2552
    Oldcastle Dominion 519-969-4353
    Paris Paris Grand 519-442-7889
    Perkinsfield Balm Beachway   705-526-7711
    Petersburg Rebel Creek 519-634-8666
    Port Dover Lynn Meadows 519-428-9993
    Port Rowan Starks 519-586-2802
    Port Stanley Kettle Creek GC 519-782-7500
    Port Stanley Port Stanley Bluffs 519-782-7447
    Putnam Tamarac Ridge   519-269-3720
    Ridgetown Ridgetown 519-674-3171
    Rockwood Wildwinds 519-763-8700
    Ruthven Orchard View   519-326-6993
    Sarnia Confederation 519-383-7177
    Sarnia Lake Erie   519-336-2201
    Sarnia Sarnia 519-336-2201
    Sarnia Sunset 519-542-1779
    Sault Ste. Marie Maplewood   705-759-8136
    Sault Ste. Marie Root River   705-759-8776
    Sault Ste. Marie Sault Ste. Marie   705-759-2695
    Simcoe Woodside Greens 519-428-0030
    South Woodslee Woodland Hills   519-975-4653
    St. Clair Beach Beach Grove 519-979-8090
    St. Claire Beach Lakewood 519-735-8337
    St. George Brant Valley 519-448-1250
    St. Thomas Pleasant Valley   519-773-2911
    St. Thomas Red Tail   519-633-4653
    St. Thomas St. Thomas 519-631-4201
    St. Thomas Talbot Park   519-631-5310
    Stratford Stratford CC 519-271-3891
    Stratford Stratford Municipal   519-271-0214
    Strathroy Caradoc Sands 519-246-4653
    Tavistock Tavistock   519-655-5844
    Thamesford Cobble Hills 519-461-1720
    Thedford Sand Hills 519-243-1800
    Thedford Widder Station 519-296-4653
    Tilsonburg Tilsonburg   519-842-4822
    Tilsonburg Tilsonburg Fairways   519-688-2868
    Turkey Point Turkey Point 519-426-6683
    Vittoria Pine Valley   519-426-0683
    Wallaceburg Baldoon 519-627-2366
    Wardsville Wardsville   519-693-4921
    Waterloo Grey Silo 519-880-8181
    Waterloo Westhill Meadows 519-888-0575
    Windsor Camlachie   519-899-4495
    Windsor Little River   519-945-3935
    Windsor Roseland   519-969-3810
    Windsor Seven Lakes 519-972-1177
    Windsor Talbot Trail   519-825-4521
    Wingham Wingham 519-357-2179
    Woodslee Belleview   519-839-4372
    Woodstock Cedar Creek 519-421-0542
    Woodstock Craigowan   519-462-2743
    Woodstock Oxford Golf & CC 519-462-2745
    Woodstock Woodstock Meadows   519-537-2283
    Zurich Bayview 519-236-4030


  2. Golf practice and training centers

    coming soon!
  3. Driving ranges

    Community Name Website Phone Number
    Bright's Grove Huron Oaks 519 869-4231
    Chatham Chatham Golf and Fun 519 354-3231
    Chatham Maple City 519 354-8172
    Fort Erie Fort Erie Golf Club 905 991-8883
    Listowel Listowel Golf Club 519 291-2500
    Mitchell Mitchell Golf Club 519 348-8991
    Oldcastle Domnion Golf 519 969-4350
    Owen Sound Stone Tree 519 376-7899
    Paris Paris Grand 519 442-7889
    Port Dover Lynn Meadows 519 428-9993
    Port Rowan Stark's Golf Course 519 586-2802
    Ridgetown Ridgetown Golf 519 674-3171
    St. Catherines Rockway Glen Golf 905 641-4536
    Thedford Sand Hills 519 243-1800
    Welland Sparrow Lakes   905 788-1676
    Welland Welland Golf Club 905 735-6768
    Windsor Hambleton Golf 519 966-4330


  4. Alternative golf facilities

    Community Name Website Phone Number
    Chatham Wild Zone Adventures 888 467-WILD
    Kitchener Sportsworld 519 653-4442  


  5. Golf retailers

    Community Retailer Website Phone Number
    Baden Foxwood Golf Club   5196348895
    Blenheim Blenheim Community Golf Club 5196768772
    Brantford B.Rogerson Brantford Golf & CC   5197566880
    Brantford One Stop Golf Shop   5197571084
    Brantford Pro Golf 519-751-2882
    Brantford Sport Chek www.Sport 519-750-0101
    Breslau Merry Hill Golf Club 5196482831
    Brights Grove John Limb Golf   5198694231
    Burford Burford Golf Club Limited 5194495172
    Cambridge DiMarco Golf 519-622-3010
    Cambridge Grand Valley Golf & C.C.   5196238811
    Cambridge Sport Chek www.Sport 519-740-8574
    Cambridge Sport Mart (519) 620-4499
    Centralia Exeter Golf Club 5192351517
    Chatham Broken Tee Golf Shop   5193800606
    Chatham Indian Creek Golf Club   5193547666
    Chatham Maple City Country Club 5193548172
    Chatham Sport Chek www.Sport 519-354-0123
    Conestoga Conestoga Country Club   5196642851
    Corunna Fore Seasons Golf Ltd.   5198621711
    Creemore Mad River Golf Club   7054283673
    Delhi Delhi Golf & Country Club   5195821621
    Dorchester Pine Knot Golf & C.C. 5192683352
    Elmira Elmira Golf Club 5196691652
    Forest Palmer Sports   5197866221
    Hyde Park West Haven Golf Limited   5196416041
    Ingersoll Ingersoll Golf & C.C. 5194853030
    Kingsville Kingsville Golf & C.C. 5197336585
    Kitchener Deer Ridge Golf Club   5196504653
    Kitchener Micheal Martz Enterprises   5197412939
    Kitchener Sport Chek www.Sport 519-896-2310
    Kitchener Sport Mart (519) 653-3962
    Kitchener Sportco Source For Sports   5197446831
    Kitchener Westmount Golf & C.C. 5197454452
    Leamington Sport Mart (519) 326-4917
    Listowel Corley Sports   5192915223
    Listowel Listowel Golf Club 5192912500
    London Bob Martin's Golf & Fashions 519-432-7104
    London Bob Martin's Golf Centre   5194327104
    London Fanshawe Pro Shop   5194552770
    London Golf Town 519-472-0075
    London London Hunt Golf & C.C. 5194712860
    London Mike Silver, Highland C.C.   5196818282
    London National Sports (519) 858-3181
    London Nevada Bob's Golf (519) 850-7100
    London Pete's Sports #7659   5194339555
    London River Road   5194521822
    London Source for Sports London   5196733810
    London Sport Chek www.Sport 519-457-4848
    London Sport Chek www.Sport 519-645-0350
    London Sport Chek www.Sport 519-649-6736
    London Sport Mart (519) 645-7116
    London Sport Mart (519) 453-9090
    London Sport Mart (519) 472-1007
    London Strictly Golf   5196494653
    London Sunningdale Golf Club 5196601608
    London / South Sport Mart (519) 685-9149
    Mitchell Mitchell Golf & Country Club 5193488991
    Owen Sound Sport Chek www.Sport 519-371-5114
    Ridgetown Ridgetown Golf & Country Club 5196743171
    Sarnia 402 Golf Shop & Learning Centr   5195421299
    Sarnia Greenwood Golf Course Inc.   5195422212
    Sarnia Sarnia Golf & C.C. 5193362201
    Sarnia Sport Chek www.Sport 519-344-8140
    Sarnia Sport Mart (519) 542-1424
    Sault St. Marie Sport Chek www.Sport 705-945-0900
    St Thomas Fore Golfers Only   5196318617
    St. Thomas Sport Mart (519) 631-4006
    Stratford David Lee Golf Professional   5192713891
    Stratford Hishon's Sporting Goods #7503   5192713600
    Strathroy Bear Creek Golf & Country Club 5192452592
    Tecumseh Tecumseh Golf Centre   5197358933
    Tillsonburg Tillsonburg Golf & C.C.   5198424822
    Waterloo DiMarco Golf 519-885-0292
    Waterloo Gus Maue Sports Inc.   0
    Waterloo National Sports (519) 979-4855
    Waterloo Sport Chek www.Sport 519-886-6336
    Windsor D. Thompson Beach Grove G&CC   5199798093
    Windsor Essex Golf Club 5197347816
    Windsor Golf Gear   5193664653
    Windsor Nantais Sport Shop (1990)#7755   5192525705
    Windsor National Sports (519) 969-2526
    Windsor Sport Chek www.Sport 519-972-8379
    Windsor Sport Mart (519) 967-9300
    Wingham R Knight Wingham Golf & C.C.   5193572179


  6. Our featured local golf course

    coming soon!
  7. The latest news from the National Golf Foundation

    More news coming soon.
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