ParMasters Golf Training Center Franchise
What Makes Us Unique In The Sports Training World?

What Makes Us Unique In The Sports Training World?

Five main elements make us very unique in the sports training industry in general, and in the world of golf training in particular. They are:

  1. Accelerated Learning Techniques.
  2. Building Club Member Confidence.
  3. Effective Target Marketing Strategies.
  4. Ethical Franchise System.
  5. Sustainable Business Philosophy.


Our exclusive Accelerated Learning System™ uses End Point Visualization (EPV) and Backward Shaping teaching methods combined with positive reinforcement and detailed one-on-one session plans.  This fosters better, faster results in golfers of all skill levels. For testimonials click here.

What does this mean to the success of Parmasters Golf Training Centers 

Four things:

  • Happier club members because EPV gets faster, easier results by building upon "mini-successes";
  • Much greater ease in hiring and training coaches 
    because of duplicable training programs based on our
    Straight-Line Golf™ methods;
  • Very loyal, repeat Club Members due to measurable 
    results; and 
  • An ability to offer guaranteed results due to very high satisfaction levels.


We take on the "mental" aspects of golf with a training system that builds confidence. This includes comprehensive one-on-one session plans, "pump-up" calls the night before each session, pre-session motivational videos, post-session practice tips, Success Journals, and a complete Club Membership program including a monthly newsletter.

With our Straight-Line Golf™ system, Club Members learn how accuracy and power improves their game to make strokes disappear. By developing their swing to hit the ball straighter and longer, frustration levels drop and they have more fun on the golf course. 

Through positive reinforcement in our non-intimidating training environment, Club Members learn physical and mental techniques that produce immediate results. 

With results comes loyalty.

3. Effective Target Marketing Strategies

Because the purpose of a business to create a client, the business has two - and only two - functions: marketing and innovation.

Marketing and innovation produce results, all the rest are costs. Our entire marketing system works on four main areas: getting new clients, keeping our existing clients, getting existing clients to spend more, and getting existing clients to come back more often.

Our fifty-three targeted marketing strategies represent the very best proven methods to generate clients. These street-tested methods have produced results in literally hundreds of businesses over the last ten years and are now available to you. This will make getting new clients a science instead of a guessing game.

4. Ethical Franchise System

In order to reduce and eliminate abuses often made by other franchisors, we have implemented several key elements to the way our franchise system operates.  These include more than a dozen unique policies including the following: 

  • saving you money with group buying power by having all products sold to our golf training centers at a 
    pre-determined mark-up based solely on the cost to warehouse with no hidden "volume rebates" or mark-ups allowed; 

  • totally exclusive, protected territories so you control 
    when to expand, not us; 

  • flexible construction processes and open bidding 
    policies so you save significant money on store 
    construction; and 

  • very fair renewal provisions avoiding predatory practices.


We believe that for a business to be truly successful, its livelihood and growth must also support the long-tem sustainability of our team, our community and the planet. 

Our sustainable business philosophy involves adopting the idea that each business is responsible for the products and services they provide from inception to end-use

In our industry, for example, this means looking at everything from the materials we use to build our facilities to the way we impact the lives of our team members. 

Also in an industry such as ours where the main product is personalized training, the concept of "responsibility" must focus on social responsibility and contribution to the community. To see what our golf training centers look like, click here.

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