ParMasters Golf Training Center Franchise
Straight-Line Golf Lessons

Our Core Program (called the Open Series) consists of an eight hour intensive (two sets of four hours) to build the Straight-Line Golf™ Swing, followed by 24 weekly training sessions.

All together this program takes six months. Our Chief Golf Pro's results in teaching this method for more than ten years are so good that we guarantee a 25% reduction in handicap by the time you complete the program. Don't just take our word for it, here are several testimonials for you to read, click here.

Open Series - Long Game Training Sessions

Session #1: Left Arm Rod
Session #2: Right Hand Wrist Flexion
Session #3: Two Rail System
Session #4: Elbow In, Elbow Out
Session #5: Deltoid Lift, Biceps Curl
Session #6: 6/100TH of a Second
Session #7: Full Swing
Session #8: Left Side of Body from the Ground Up
Session #9: Right Leg Stabilizer
Session #10: First Move Down
Session #11: Head Position and Vision Focus
Session #12: Posture
Session #13: Right Shoulder
Session #14: Negotiating Constraints
Session #15: Target Projection
Open Series - Short Game Training Sessions
Session #16: Bottom of the Arc / Creating Backspin
Session #17: Judging Distance
Session #18: Controlling Trajectory
Session #19: Handling Lies
Session #20: Glancing Blows
Session #21: Trouble Shots
Session #22: Maximizing Strengths
Session #23: Holing Out
Session #24: Visual Acuity
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