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Success Stories

The rave reviews are coming in, the Straight-Line Golf™ instruction system works, and is a lot of fun!

Here's what some of the latest students in Parmasters Straight-Line Golf™ have to say:

"I just wanted to thank you for all your help resurrecting my golf game with the Straight-Line Golf Method.

I can't recall if I ever told you where my golf game was at before I discovered straight line golf but three years ago I was pretty close to giving up the game due to problems with my lower back. Over 20 years of playing golf with the conventional multi-axis, body rotational, torque filled golf swing had taken its toll on my lower back and golf game. I once played to about a 10 handicap and would break 80 periodically. In my quest to improve I began to practice more which of course put a constant strain on my back and by the time I was contemplating giving up the game 3 years ago my handicap was nearly 17, I rarely broke 90, and was not having any fun on the golf course. My lower back had gotten so bad that I had to take pain killers before, during and after a round of golf. I quit playing for about 6 months and saw a physical therapist for my back problems...

I figured there must be a better way and that's when I started reading about your straight line swing methods. I liked what I read and so being the eternal optimist I ordered the tapes and began doing the impact backward exercises along with the golf kata and golf chi...

This year I'm shooting consistently in the low 80's as well as shooting 1 over for nine holes one evening. The gate and rewind visualization techniques have really helped my scoring. Just the other day I had noticed that I had gotten out of using the gate and really concentrated on the gate on my approach shot into the 18th hole and stuck a wedge to about six feet and birdied the hole. My index is now 12.7 and I just did a quick calculation and my index should be below 11 by the time my handicap is updated. I just got done with a session on the launch monitor and my swing speed is up to 105 mph with a driver. I've got some nice problems now like hitting short irons into par fours and adjusting to the increased iron distances.

I also just received the "How to hit the Ball Straight" home study course and I really like being able to refer to any aspect of the straight line method for a quick review. What's nice is that I always learn something new when I review a section. Another great thing about the method is that I don't need good weather to practice because I can practice the exercises at home when my schedule permits, I don't have to hit hundreds of golf balls a week, I can maintain my game with the exercises, and the exercises translate to my short game which is also improving.

This year I hope to get my handicap down into the single digits and thanks for making golf fun again for me.


Dave Arakaki  

"As a new user of your Home Study Program I'm happy to say I'm thrilled with the results already! Last year I was an 11 handicap, with a back that got worse and worse all year. By the end I was a 16. The pain was so bad that I had surgery at the end of last year, and haven't golfed all winter. This spring, watching your dvd's I was inspired to get back at it, and within five rounds I shot an 81!! My shots are straight, my back pain is massively reduced. Thanks so much, keep up the good work.” - Bob Brown, Florida

"After completing four golf lessons and the Straight-Line Golf Instruction Clinic I went to a course and improved my regular score (120) by 15 strokes (105). But more importantly, I hit the ball consistently straight. After ten lessons I started to break 100 ... Last week I shot a 93" - Zachary Rubin, July, 2004  For the full letter click here.

"After the first four hours (of the Straight-Line Golf Instruction Clinic), I went from being extremely tense and barely being able to hit a golf ball to being completely relaxed and started hitting it perfectly straight...(now) the Straight-Line Golf Clinic has improved my score by 30 -35 strokes. I used to shoot in the 140's and now I shoot in the 100's, and it's only been 3 months since we took the workshop. We can't wait to see what the future holds." - Bonnie Kahn, July 2004 For the full letter click here.

"What can I say except .. thank-you ... thank-you ...thank-you!!! I must admit, after trying almost every gizmo, training aid and traditional golf lessons, I initially thought you were just another scheme to get more of my money. I am thrilled to report that you are everything you promised you would be!... Before I started working with you, I was posting scores around 105-110 (and that was using the foot wedge and winter rules). I am thrilled to be posting scores in the low to mid 90s (playing where it lays) and this after only the Straight-Line Golf Clinic and two golf lessons. I truly believe I will break into the 80's this year and only improve more and more using the system you developed." - Chef Christopher Koch, July, 2004 For the full letter click here.


The weekend of Fathers’ Day 2005 was my club’s member/guest tournament and my partner and I had garnered a half-point lead over two other teams going into the final two nine-hole matches of best-ball. The two weeks prior to the tournament, while I hadn’t played a lot of golf, I had been diligent in doing the Straight-line Golf™ swing trainer exercises and the Golf Chi. I also read Scott’s book again and watched Parmasters™ How to Hit the Ball Straight Home Study DVD as a refresher.

The tournament format was such that the minimum points per match were three and the maximum points per match were six. In the morning match, on the easiest nine of the thirty-six holes, I was unable to hit a single fairway and made zero pars and zero point contributions to the team. We ended the match on the losing side of five and a half / three and a half point total; our first loss of the tournament.

I was devastated that I had left my partner alone and was convinced I had cost us the tournament. During the break between matches, we decided the only chance we had was to “six out” our next opponent (which was now in first place).

I mentally flushed the morning’s results, regrouped and performed the Straight-Line Golf™ swing trainer exercises and the Golf Chi for about ten minutes alone under a shade tree. On the toughest nine holes, using “through the gate” and “reach for the hole” I proceeded to hit all seven fairways and record six pars-not too bad for a fourteen handicap. After two-putting for par from about sixty feet on the last hole, I secured the sixth and final point of the match.

We won our flight by a half-point!

I am convinced that the Golf Chi and swing trainer exercises associated with Straight-Line Golf™ coupled with the focus on “through the gate” and “reach for the hole” turned my game around that day. I told my partner to expect me to have a single-digit handicap, and therefore us being in a tougher flight, when we defend next year.

- Mike Allen, Memphis, TN and
Parmasters South Central Regional Franchisor


Our heritage:

While we will open our first site in 2005, the amazing system of golf coaching has been taught by Parmasters Co-founder and Chief Golf Professional, Scott Hazledine, for ten years.

His private three day camps have been running for years, offering a guaranteed forty percent reduction in handicap!! Not a single person has asked for their money back. Not once.

In fact the results to date using Straight Line Golf™ instruction system have literally been stunning.

But don't just take our word for it. The following are some of the dozens of testimonials Scott has received over the years, including several that received amazing results just from his videos!

We call them Success Stories, and we think you will agree.

  1. I personally believe that the straight line motion swing that Scott teaches is ideal, and most certainly for the less gifted athletes among us.
  2. Scott, not only are you a golf master but you're also a great teacher and a great person.
  3. Impact backward training system gives one the basis to build a consistent repeatable swing.
  4. March 7th this year I made my first double-eagle on a 502 yard par 5.
  5. I went into the second bunker and went in without fear for the first time in my life.
  6. I've found that your system is the most reliable for me.
  7. After two weeks of training and 2 rounds of golf, I dropped my score from a 92 down to an 81.
  8. I know exactly what it takes to produce a solid swing.
  9. Watching the tapes and doing the impact-backwards drills has helped my game immensely.
  10. His drills are systematic and well explained and they make sense.
  11. I had just too many good shots too mention.
  12. Thanks for the most incredible golf swing in the world.

1. I attended one of Scott's three day schools in February, 2000. I went to the school with a 13 handicap that had been steadily worsening over the years, and by August had reduced it to 9 by practicing what Scott taught at the school and in his videos. I'm hitting balls as far or farther, and for sure straighter than I did five years ago, even at the age of 57.

I'm still playing in the 9 to 10 range (8.7 slope index currently), but certainly feel I am capable of achieving a 5-6 or lower level with some concerted short game practice effort. I'm very happy with the mechanics Scott teaches, but the feel part is difficult to sustain when playing only once per week or so.

I personally believe that the straight line motion swing that Scott teaches is ideal, and most certainly for the less gifted athletes among us.

Scott is in my view a great teacher of a great swing method, and certainly an excellent player who plays the way he teaches, as he demonstrated during the playing sessions at the three day school I attended.

- Dick Keesling, West Chester, Pennsylvania


2. Thank you so much for a great rewarding weekend!! It was an honor working with you and lots of fun dining and chatting with you. We just need to clone you now!! :-)

I hope you had a good trip back and have already seen your son.

By the way, I shot an 82 yesterday with about 3 or 4 lip outs. I had decided to only focus on the gate yesterday but a slight variation worked. I had a hard time imagining the gate to I decided to focus on the club head just behind the ball as the gate.

I'll let you know when I shoot that sub 80 round, which I think is right around the corner!

Scott, not only are you a golf master but you're also a great teacher and a great person. Your son is a very lucky kid. I got more than my money's worth
- Yared Demissie, San Bruno, California


3. I'm 68 years old, played golf since about age 14, but majority of my golf has been over the last 25 years. In late 1998 I acquired the Natural Golf videos. In spring 1999 attended a 3 day Natural Golf instruction school. Next two years spent in frustration trying to learn what I think are extreme golf positions and posture to swing like Moe Norman.

In fall of 2000 I acquired Scott Hazledine's golf instruction videos. In May of this year, I traveled to Minneapolis and had a 3 day school with Scott. Canadian dollar exchange rate was terrible as was the weather. I was the only student, which was a real plus.

Over the years I've taken golf lessons from about 10 different Pros. I would characterize most of them as "Feel Good" Pros; i.e. they watch you hit balls, offer a few tips and complement when you hit a solid shot, all of which makes you feel good but doesn't result in long term benefit.

Many give you help with a certain swing position and you sometimes see an immediate improvement for a short time. But as time passes, any improvement gradually slips away and you're back to where you started.

Scott's teaching method is dramatically different.

His impact backward training system gives one the basis to build a consistent repeatable swing. If one invests the time in doing the training drills, you see improvement that continues and grows and you don't slip back.

I can't think of anyone, except Moe Norman, who would understand and know more about the single-axis golf swing than Scott. His teaching and training in a school is intense and at the same time rewarding.

I have experienced improvement, although not as quickly as I had hoped as I played golf with some sort of "conventional swing" for many years.

Also because of our shorter golf season in Canada, I spent more time golfing than working on the impact backward training.

I came away from my three days with Scott thoroughly saturated with information on the single axis swing. My impulse then and now was to take another session with him. His method gives you the basis for building a much better golf game.

I have watched his videos probably 200 times and learn something each time.

By the way, imprinting and training is starting to show up. Shot 74 & 78 last two rounds. Only one birdie, but had NINE birdie putts in the 74 round.

Hope everything is going well with you. Would love to eat again at Joey's Crab Shack!!
- Milt Creasey, Lethbridge, Alberta


4. I know you receive a lot of questions, but I would like to write you a note of thanks. I really enjoy playing Straight Line Golf™.

I am limited by my time and this swing allows me the time to practice at home by drills without having to spend so much time bruising range balls. I am in single digits again like I used to be when I was a traditional golfer. This time, I am not burning myself out.

I would also like to say that on March 7th this year I made my first double-eagle on a 502 yard par 5. I actually aimed my drive in the perfect spot and I aimed to the slope of the green from 205 yards out let the roll take it into the cup. I guess once in a while things work out the way one plans.

One day I hope to come to one of your schools. But for now, I'll just continue to wear out your tape.

Thanks again for being an outstanding person and presenting such a great teaching tape to us.
- Kevin Pruitt


5. Got the tape for the short game and viewed it this morning. Went to the golf course this PM and used the new info (Straight Line Golf™) for chipping and was thrilled to death with the results.

Although I didn't shoot a good score and my chips and pitches occasionally came up short, I was pleased with the crisp hits. I was especially pleased with my sand play. I got in the trap twice and the first shot got me out and on the green close to the hole. I went into the second bunker and went in without fear for the first time in my life. Hit a great out again and was thrilled.

Will continue practicing and let you know how I do.
- Jim Eno


6. I've found your two swing videos to be the best of the three Straight Line Golf™ instruction videos that I have purchased. I've found that your system is the most reliable for me-- should have never veered from the Straight Line Golf™ path.
- Terry Calkins


7. I am a recent convertee to the Straight Line Golf™ system and love your method.

After two weeks of training and 2 rounds of golf, I dropped my score from a 92 down to an 81 (should have been a 78 since I blew 3 three-footers for par).

I enjoyed Scott's 'Master the Golf Swing' tape completely and have become an advocate user of the Straight Line Golf™ instruction system.

This tape provides an excellent introduction and overview of his golf system. So much information is provided, that one must watch it several times to grasp the concepts and techniques.

Before obtaining this tape, I was rather skeptical of what would be taught and the promise that my handicap would improve 40%.

Since then, Scott's Straight Line Golf™ system has improved my golf game dramatically. I have improved my distance, accuracy and short game considerably in just 5 months of self-training.
- Jonathan Vitriol, Richboro, Pennsylvania


8. I did it! I shot a 75 today.

I have been golfing for about thirty years. Today was my first time breaking eighty.

Three years ago I was suffering through another frustrating golf season, shooting anywhere from high eighties to well over 100. No consistency, poor short game, hooks, slices ... the list goes on.

All I wanted was to be able to consistently hit the ball straight. I found Natural Golf and a local instructor. I took a series of lessons and the first four rounds of golf, all played on the same course in a weekend, were 110, 95, 88 and 80. I was happy, but it wasn't to last.

I started to shoot poorly, the grip was never comfortable to me (they have since changed the grip be like yours). Although my handicap had fallen from twenty-four to twenty, I was frustrated with inconsistencies.

That is when I found you. Last year my handicap went from a twenty to seventeen. This year it is down to a thirteen ... and continues to fall to my goal of single digits.

Scott, your videos are excellent. All the information on the web site has proven invaluable to me. My Sure Stroke putter and instruction video have made me a much better putter. The short game video has dramatically improved my short game from 100 yards and closer. The full swing video has made my swing repeatable ... I know exactly what it takes to produce a solid swing ... You built my swing from the bottom up ... it is all in the video.

I don't play often. Once, sometimes twice a week, April through September. I do practice a lot ... and not always at a practice facility ... and not always with a club in my hand.

I cannot thank Straight Line Golf™ enough for all the help. Golf is not frustrating any more.

- Patrick Perreault, South Portland, Maine

PS. Here is an update from Patrick we received recently:

Two years after first viewing Scott's videos, practicing and playing, my handicap is a 10. I broke 80 for the first time this year shooting a 75 (and later a 78) to go along with several scores of 80. I have not shot in the 100's in over a year ... I only had a few rounds in the 90's this year. I am working on getting my handicap to a 5 next year by consistently scoring in the 70's.

My full swing is repetitive and comfortable. My short game, including putting, has greatly improved. I look forward to reading or viewing any of Scott's teaching materials.


9. Thank you for your tapes and your willingness to address questions through the Internet.

I am a former Natural Golfer. Although switching to single axis in general helped, I could never achieve the distance and consistency claimed by the Natural Golf Company.

I have purchased your full swing and short game tapes. Watching the tapes and doing the impact-backwards drills has helped my game immensely. Straight Line Golf™ is everything you say it is.

I have switched to Scott's method last year and I have steadily shown improvement.

I used to shoot in the mid 90's, but now I'm down to the high eighties and low nineties. This past season I posted my best score ever-- an 86. This score was in large part the result of Scott's teachings.
- Marcelo N. Corpuz III, Rockville, Maryland


10. Thank you for your excellent website. I am a convert from Natural Golf for the past 3 weeks and it has been a very easy transition. I just ordered your video today, but I have been able to figure a lot out by your answers to questions.

By the way, I played my first round of golf last Saturday (scramble tournament, I was the C player). When the day was done, I was hitting last (usually reserved for the A player).

That shows you how well I was hitting it, and it was under a lot of pressure (I had not played with these guys before). I seem to have pro trajectories (not distances yet) when I hit them good. I hit a 4 wood Saturday 225 yards up hill and into the wind! I also hit one in the cup from the fairway!

I had just too many good shots too mention.

Thanks so much.
- Mike Smith


11. I re-tooled my swing using Scott's 3 videos-- he teaches a method which is clear, consistent and with diligent practice (30 days, 30 minutes a day) then periodic maintenance, easy to maintain.

His drills are systematic and well explained and they make sense.

I think his knowledge of the golf swing is superior and his ability to convey information amazing.

He answers questions in an extremely thoughtful and often humorous way.

How has his swing improved my game? I have limited time to practice and play now. Before Scott, I shot in the low 90's and occasionally the high 80's.

Now playing less, and practicing much less, just tuning up the swing once every two weeks, I can shoot consistently in the low 80's.

You would be hard pressed to find a better teacher than Scott. Thank you, Scott.
- Chuck Raffel, New Rochelle, New York


12. Thanks for the most incredible golf swing in the world.

I recently got Natural Golf golf clubs, but I was having trouble with the golf swing. I ordered your full swing and short game videos, and after viewing them I went straight outside to my net and started with the drills that you showed.

I did them for about 45 minutes before I attempted to hit a full shot. By the 3rd full swing shot I was hitting the ball so straight and so solid. Before I had always had that weak click sound from wrist breakdown. This swing makes it a lot easier to be in the proper wrist angle at impact. I had this problem for years, and it's finally gone forever.

I went to the range right after to see how my shots were going, and they were just flying out there dead straight.

Thanks for everything.
- Garret


P.S. Change your name from Single Axis Golf Expert to Single Axis Golf God!

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