ParMasters Golf Training Center Franchise
What Do Our Golf Training Centers Look Like?

Our Facility

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Corporate Identity

Identity refers to our "real image". It is what Parmasters will stand for, what we're all about and part of what our customers will love us - or leave us - for. In establishing our identity, we will need to keep in mind this key question: what identity will appeal to our customer profile?

  • Trustworthy
  • Reliable
  • Dependable
  • Caring
  • Relationship Focused
  • Professional
  • Positive
  • Enthusiastic
  • Honest and trustworthy

We convey our image to our customers through the look, sound and feel of our Franchise Owners, staff, products, and training and office facilities:

The Look of Our Team

Creating a uniform look enhances our customers' experience of Parmasters’ centers and the customers' trust of our franchisees and their staff. This ultimately leads to increased sales. The “uniform” look has also been designed to convey professionalism, with the underlying premise being that professionalism converts directly into sales. Simply stated, we believe our customers will buy more because the people delivering and marketing our training look and act professional in their jobs. Our experience has shown us that people expect that when they see a professional look, they will get professional advice they can rely on.

This is especially important to our target market as our research has identified that they respond especially well to products that have been “proven” reliable and dependable. The image of our products, services and people will be one of trustworthy elegance.

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