ParMasters Golf Training Center Franchise
North Tucson, Arizona

Greetings from the North Tucson, Arizona Area!

This page will give you information on golf courses, golf practice and training centers, driving ranges, alternative golf facilities, and golf retailers in
the Tucson area.

This territory has been purchased by Jim Farmer, and is not available.

Here's Jim at his home course, The Gallery, with Parmasters Co-Founders, Tom Matzen and Scott Hazledine.

Parmasters Golf Training Centers is the world's first, year-round indoor golf training center franchise that literally guarantees results. If you are interested, and think you might qualify, visit our home page by clicking here, then, of you like what you see, complete an Initial Contact Questionnaire by clicking here.

Meanwhile, hit 'em straight but not too often.



Burt Stoker and Will Conerly
Parmasters Rocky Mountain

PS We also have information on a featured local golf course, and the latest news from the National Golf Foundation.

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  2. Golf practice and training centers;
  3. Driving ranges;
  4. Alternative golf facilities
  5. Golf retailers;
  6. Our featured local golf course; and
  7. The latest news from the National Golf Foundation.
  1. Golf courses


    All Courses in the Tucson Area

    Course Name Type
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  2. Golf practice and training centers

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  3. Driving ranges

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  4. Alternative golf facilities

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  5. Golf retailers

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  6. Our featured local golf course

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  7. The latest news from the National Golf Foundation

    Retention in Golf Better than Expected

    NGF president Joe Beditz presented the results of a GOLF 20/20-commissioned research study regarding retention in golf, at the 20/20 annual conference on November 15. The objectives of the study were to quantify the retention rate of beginners in golf, see how golf’s retention rate compares to other sports and discover whether golf’s retention can be positively affected and, if so, by what factors. Click here for the story.

    NGF Rounds Played

    Get connected to the industry’s first Internet-based data collection tool for golf facility operators. Track your own performance and compare it to local, regional and national statistics. With you can share data confidentially, view information online and generate reports 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    Click here to view map showing regional rounds data for October.

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