Are you seeking the cheapest web hosting providers for Canada? As a business person, one of your goals is to enhance efficiency. You aim to deliver your services or sell products at the minimum cost. In this essence, your website should not be a cost pump. Canada being one of the developed countries, one can assume it is difficult to get an affordable hosting provider.

For a small business, raising the cost to get a space on the giant web hosts can be a challenge. However, this should not be a challenge anymore. This article presents a review of the top 3 cheapest web hosting providers for Canada. Here they are:


As you seek for an affordable hosting provider, BlueHost should be your first consideration. The company has more than 2 million users. The large number is an indication of its reliability and affordability. However, the company does not use magic to woo customers. It has spent time in developing web hosting packages to suit with Canadian audience and ensuring limited downtime. BlueHost has a 99.98% uptime and a loading speed of 521ms.

Due to this, it has been attractive to leading bloggers and business persons. On considering its package, the company has web hosting fee of $2.95 per month. But to enjoy this, you must pay for the next three years. Otherwise, you will need to pay the regular monthly fee of $4.95 for a lesser period.


BlueHost terms may be unfavorable for you. If this is so, you can switch on to Hostinger. Unlike BlueHost, the company comes with a hosting package charging you $2.13 per month, but the bar remains the same. You have to subscribe for the next 3years to enjoy the package.  The provider has a 99.78% uptime guarantee and loading speed of 475ms. To ensure you are up and running, the provider offers you 24/7 support through live chats, phone calls, and emails. This way, your site will remain available throughout.

Hostgator cloud

Are you planning to launch an e-commerce business in Canada? Hostgator can be a good option for you. The web hosting package comes with a 99.99% uptime guarantee. No time will your site be unavailable. This means that your sales will continue rising throughout the year. Also, you do not have to worry about speed. Hostgator cloud offers you optimum loading speeds. You enjoy all these benefits at only $2.99/month.

With this information, you now know who to approach when seeking cheap web hosting services in Canada.

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