Are you a Canadian web owner seeking to move to cloud hosting? Probably, you want a Canadian company that will be easier to reach in case they are unreachable online or fail to receive your calls. Before mentioning the companies offering these services, it is crucial to focus on why having your site hosted on the cloud is a good idea.

First, the step enhances your flexibility as you will not experience significant downtimes. Also, it will boost your site loading speed.  Even with all these benefits, moving your site to the cloud exposes it to online criminals. Hence, you need to take due diligence on who you approach for cloud hosting services. Here are the top 3 Canadian Cloud hosting providers:


Cacloud is based in Toronto, Canada. This company has cloud hosting packages for business and individual websites. Also, it offers premium support around the clock to ensure you have an easy cloud migration journey.

Furthermore, if your business accepts card payments, the company has encryption features as part of its packages to ensure your customer information does not leak to unauthorized persons. Thus, it offers you an upper hand in enhanced data privacy and curbing cybercrimes. As such, when you think of cloud hosting in Canada, Cacloud should be your first option.

Having different likes and preferences is natural. While Cacloud might be a good option, it may not be in line with your preferences. If so, you can consult for cloud hosting. This company prioritizes on securing customer information. The company has encryption services that assure you of zero unauthorized interruption or access to your data.

Also, the company offers you external disk-like cloud services. Here, it means that you do not share your cloud space with another person. So, it is like hosting your site on a single server. By this, it is hard for cybercriminals to reach your data.

Radiant Communications

The next cloud hosting provider in Canada is Radiant Communications. As the saying goes old is gold. This company has been providing hosting services for more than 17 years. As such, it has credible knowledge and information on what the customers need. Also, they are aware of the best features to offer in a hosting program to ensure customer’s data is secure in the cloud servers.

Other than these benefits, Radiant understands financial constraints as a business reality. For this reason, they offer you standardized clouding services at an affordable price.

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